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Examinations are the test of knowledge and ability. Before entering in examination you would like to evaluate yourself, where you stand in respect to others. Using cExams you can ensures your success ratio by yourselves. With a wide range of questions you can improve your knowledge quickly without referring various resources.

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No matter how hard you study for your Entrance Examinations, you can never be too sure of your efforts. But, now you can put all those doubts to rest with the help of cExams.

Welcome to the global world of cExams. It is a resource center for Competitive Exams, Career Exams and Certificate Exams. This portal is meant for candidates preparing for the various competitive examinations and individuals who want to enhance their knowledge.

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    One Word can change your time ....
    They pinioned his arms against his body but left his legs free so that he could move about.
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    Do You Know ...?
    1. What is "snail mail" and how does it travel?

    2. Glass is also a solid object, yet how are we able to see through it?

    3. Where does our food come from?

    4. Which monument was built by MohammedQuli Qutub Shah in 1591 to commemorate the end of the plague in hiscapital ?

    5. Why do we call someone who continually takes the fall for someone else a “whipping boy”?

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