Test # 118

Dear all, just to let you know that we reached our ________ after a dramatic start.

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    One Of A Kind Pnina Tornai Dress

    $34,000 Pnina Tornai is a very famous wedding dress designer who only sells her designs at the very exclusive Kleinfeld in New York. Kleinfeld s might sound familiar to you if you watch the show, Say Yes To The Dress,on TLC. Clothing designer Kelly Dooley s dress search was featured on the popular show, as well as a separate special about her big day. Everything about this Pnina dress is totally different from every other dress out there that isn t from the planet Mars. For one thing, it s silver a far cry from the traditional white. A one of a kind piece of couture, it was originally designed for the grand finale of her runway show in London.

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