Test # 120

He's a good talker. He always puts ________ his ideas very well.

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    Weather frog

    A tree frog made of paper will climb up and down a ladder like a real weather frog and predict the weather. Bend a 2f inch long strip of metal into a U shape and bore through it so that a sewing needle can be turned easily when inserted through the holes. The needle is made able to grip by heating, and the frog, made from green paper, is fixed on to it by a thin wire. Stick the metal strip firmly on to the middle of the wall of a four inch high jar, and at the side a cardboard ladder. Wind a thread round the needle, with a small counterweight at the end. Stick a paper disk on a piece of plastic foil, and draw the other end of the thread through the middle. The foil is stretched over the mouth of the jar so as to be smooth and airtight, the thread is tightly knotted, and the hole sealed.
    When the air pressure is high fine weather the plastic foil is pressed inwards and the frog climbs up. When the pressure is low bad weather the pressure on the foil is less and the frog climbs back down.

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