Test # 36

One of the most important qualities which the panel is looking for in a candidate is the ________ to work with others.

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    Dialga is steel/dragon dual type legendary Pokemon. It is never known to either evolve into another Pokemon nor has it evolved from any other Pokemon. Dialga is dark blue with some gray metallic portions. It also has a fin like structure with a crest on the head, making it look like a dinosaur. Appearing on the boxart, Dialga is the version mascot of Pokemon Diamond. Together with Giratina and Palkia, it is a member of the creation trio of Sinnoh. The trio is known to represent time. This temporal Pokemon looks good doing what it is meant to do. It has the power to control all aspects and facets of time. Its signature move i.e. typing and Roar of time, make it a legend which is fierce. Telepathy is its hidden ability.

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