Test # 53

Without the right software I'm afraid you can't ________ that particular program.

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    Hypercolor T shirts

    Some fads can last a good 15 minutes before everyone looks at each other and collectively shouts, WHAT THE HELL ARE WE WEARING?!? (This happened in the 80 s with acid wash jeans and in the 70 s with every piece of clothing sold.) Such was the case with Hypercolor T shirts, which were seemingly invented to identify groping victims. Each shirt was made from temperature sensitive fabric that would change colors whenever you or someone else touched it. Or whenever you sweat, making it look like your armpits suddenly made a bold fashion statement. Add the fact that Hypercolor shirts would get ruined in the laundry and you had countless kids wandering around in dirty, stinky tees that looked like someone had crossbred a mood ring with Old Navy.

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