Test # 87

As a new employee she's very anxious to do the right thing and hopes that her new project ________ with the approval of her boss.

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    Known in Eastern medicine as the mushroom of immortality and King of Herbs, Reishi is a medicinal mushroom that grows in various regions of the world where damp and temperate conditions exist. Reishis ability to positively affect the mind comes from its ability to maintain equilibrium and help the body maintain balance. A balanced body is a sign of a healthy and properly functioning immune system, which will result in a healthy and positive outlook. Not only that, this healing herbs adaptogenic qualities provide us with an incredible ability to handle stressful situations which eases our anxiety and increases mental clarity. Reishi is also very antibacterial and antifungal, which helps clean up the digestive system and strengthens the vagus nerve connection from the gut to the brain, to increase mental clarity and capacity.

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