Test # 99

A bird in the hand is worth two in the ________ as they say when you have at least one definite thing in contrast to two uncertain things.

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    Adam Gilchrist

    Adam Craig Gilchrist, AM, nicknamed Gilly or Churchy , is a former Australian cricketer and one of the most explosive batsmen in world cricket. He was the captain of Australia, and Middlesex.

    Born: November 14, 1971 (age 44), Bellingen, Australia

    Height: 1.87 m

    Spouse: Melinda Gilchrist

    Children: Annie Jean Gilchrist, Harrison Gilchrist, Ted Gilchrist, Archie Gilchrist

    Siblings: Dene Gilchrist, Jackie Gilchrist

    Parents: June Gilchrist, Stanley Gilchrist

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