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  • Benefits of Capers

    Congestion Relief

    These are also known to prevent chest congestion. It reduces phlegm. A common sign of eating excess capers is extreme thirst. So try to consume it in moderate amounts. Capers retain water naturally since they contain a high amount of sodium. Hence this water retention can make you feel bloated. Be careful about eating excessive amount of capers. If you suffer from high blood pressure you should avoid eating capers. Excess sodium increases blood volume since it retains water. Excess sodium intake could put the body at risk for heart diseases. Another side effect of eating too much capers is the risk of developing osteoporosis. Sodium decreases your bone density which causes them to lose strength. It also prevents your body from absorbing calcium, which is crucial for building and retaining bone health. The weak bone condition often leads to osteoporosis. And if you already have osteoporosis, better stay away from capers.

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