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  • Hanuman


    Sugriv sought protection in Matang Rishis ashram in Rishiyamukh mountains. He started living in those mountains with Hanuman and other vanars (monkeys). Hanuman was a friend and trusted advisory of Monkey King Sugriv. Sugriv was living in exile because of his brother Bali. One day he saw two young bowmen wondering in the foothills of Rishyamuk mountains. Fearing that Bali may have sent them to kill him, King Sugriv asked Hanuman to get their identity and on his orders Hanuman disguised himself as a Brahmin to get the details of these two bowmen. On seeing these two brothers Hanuman bowed and asked, Lord who are you and what bring you here? Seeing you it looks as if you are the Trinity either Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh?

    Shri Ram replied,O brahmin, I am Ram and he is my brother Lakshman. We come from Ayodhya and are in search of my wife, Sita who has been abducted by the demons. After learning about them Hanumanji understood that Shri Ram is the form of Vishnu,he revealed his true form and bowed in front of them. Seeing Hanumans love towards him Shri Ram placed his hand on his head. Filled with outmost joy Hanumanji placed them on his shoulders and took them to Sugriv on the mountain top. Sugriv was elated to see Shri Ram and after hearing his story Lord Ram promised to help Sugriv and in return Sugriva promised to help Shri Ram find Mother Sita. READ MORE ABOUT SUGRIV AND BALI FIGHT IN SHREE RAM INCARNATION

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