Shall and Will - In the second person 2
Don't say:
You will/'ll go out if you are good.
You shall go out if you are good.
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    Basic 10 Minute Workout

    You can develop a personal workout that consists solely of jumping jacks and jumping rope. The movements are simple and can be performed by nearly anyone, which makes them good if you are a fitness beginner. The key to a basic but effective workout is to do the exercises at an intensity level that challenges you. This means you must perform them at a pace and for a certain amount of time that improves your cardiovascular fitness. If youre a beginner, start by jumping rope for two minutes. Then, perform jumping jacks for one minute. Now, jump rope again for two minutes with alternating knee lifts, and follow that with two minutes of jumping jacks. Finish the workout with two minutes of rope jumping, jumping on one leg for five hops, then switching to the other leg for five hops. Finish with one minute of jumping jacks.

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