Take for Get
Don't say:
Clare took a good mark in chemistry.
Clare got a good mark in chemistry.
To take means to obtain something intentional or by force: I took a book from the library. The army took the city. To get or to receive means to obtarn something which isgrven such as a gift, a letter, money, or a mark in an exam.
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    Changi Airport is consistently rated as one of the top airports in the world (not many airports can boast a pool, gardens, and cinema).While all the terminals are stylish, which completed a SDoller 500 million upgrade in July 2012 is a stand out.The redesigned terminal has a tropical garden theme, with plenty of spacious open areas.One highlight is the Kinetic Rain sculpture, which hovers over the departures area.Consisting of 1,216 raindrops made of aluminum and polished copper, the airport says it the largest kinetic sculpture in the world.Other dramatic installations include a lantern feature wall and giant lily pads.There is also a mind boggling variety of amenities, from spas and pools to playgrounds.

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