Have the pleasure of + -ing
Don't say:
I had the pleasure to meet him.
I had the pleasure of meeting him.
Also take pleasure in He takes great pleasure in helping other.
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    Natural Bathing Seaweed boost

    Restore vibrancy to the skin while detoxifying and boosting circulation.
  • 2 large strips dried kelp or other seaweed
  • 6 tbsp dried mint
  • 12 tbsp seaweed-flecked sea salt
    Crumble the seaweed into a large pan of water and add the mint. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the salt to a bodytemperature bath, then pour in the seaweed mixture. After bathing, place a strainer over the drain and shower off remaining salt. Drink a glass of water. (Avoid if you have heart or blood pressure problems or are pregnant.)

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