Dismount or get off a horse, etc, not come down from a horse, etc
Don't say:
They came down from their horses.
They got off their horses.
We get out of a taxi or a car. We get on or off the train, the bus, etc
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    Mushrooms with psychoactive properties have long played a role in various native medicine traditions in cultures all around the world. They have been used as sacrament in rituals aimed at mental and physical healing, and to facilitate visionary states. One such ritual is theveladaceremony. A practitioner of traditional mushroom use is theshamanorcurandera(priesthealer). Psilocybin mushrooms possess psychedelic properties. Commonly known as magic mushrooms or 'shrooms, they are openly available in smart shops in many parts of the world, or on the black market in those countries that have outlawed their sale. Psilocybin mushrooms have been reported as facilitating profound and lifechanging insights often described as mystical experiences. Recent scientific work has supported these claims, as well as the longlasting effects of such induced spiritual experiences.

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