Indifferent to, not for
Don't say:
They're indifferent for politics.
They're indifferent to politics.
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    Corn syruporis made from corn starch. Starch is a carbohydrate, a molecular chain of sugars. Enzymes are added to the starch to break the chains into sugars, mainly glucose. Further processing can change the sugars intoorhigh fructose corn syrup. HFCS is used to sweeten a variety of products, most notably soft drinks. Corn syrup is much cheaper and sweeter than cane sugar. A number of studies have linked the use of HFCS to the rise in obesity. Whether this correlation (which does not prove causation) is due to any organic differences between HFCS and cane sugarorororto the quantity consumed is still under debate. The Corn Refiners Association has asked the FDA for permission to change the term used for high fructose corn syrup toorcorn sugar.

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