Know for Learn, etc
Don't say:
Dan went to school to know English.
Dan went to school to learn English.
Use know when learning is finished: She knows how to swim. Similarly, avoid using know to mean find out Of realise.
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    Boss Day Party Invitation

    Boss day is celebrated o nothe 16th of October every year and it is the day when bosses are give notheir due credit. From constant support, to ideas, inspiration, motivation, opportunities and encouragement, the reasons for saying thank you to your boss can go on and on. One of the ways you could celebrate Boss Day is by throwing a party in his/her honour. Planning and organizing a party requires a lot of effort. The invitation is the first and foremost aspect of any type of party that you have to look into. The invitatio noto the party makes your boss look forward to the special day and leaves your guests restless to be a part of the event. Whatever may be the case whether it is a formal or an informal party there are numerous ways to make sure that the event is interesting from the beginning right to the end. It is important to make sure that your invitation is attractive enough to lure people to the concept and keep the hype alive. Do not let the invitations reveal the entire secret, just mentioning the time and venue will keep the excitement level high. Given below are some interesting Boss Day party invitation ideas.

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