Flown for Flowed
Don't say:
The river has flown over its banks.
The river has flowed over its banks.
Flee, fled, fled is formal but we still use it to mean to run away: We flee from danger Float, floated, floated means to stay on the surface of water or other liquid: Ships float on the water.
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    Bathing Cures for Menstrual Problems

    When pain occurs during menstruation, it usually means that the womb itself is inflamed. This condition can be relieved by proper attention to diet and hot hip baths just before the period is due and cold hip baths between the periods. The hot hip bath is generally taken for eight to ten minutes at a water temperature of 100 F which can be gradually increased to 120 F. The cold hipbath should be taken for 10 to 15 minutes at a water temperature of 50 to 65 F.

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