Farther and Further
Don't say:
Turn the page for farther instructions.
Turn the page for further instructions.
Use further to mean both greater distance and more of something. We only use farther for distances: I live a bit farther away than you. Don't use it to mean more. We use further for both meanings in modern English.
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    Dwarf Gourami

    The Dwarf Gourami grows to 2 inches and is well-suited to a community tank inhabited by other small, calm fish. This peaceful Indian species is available in several different color varieties. Its colors are most intense in a tank with bright lighting but dark aquascaping and lots of plants.

    Living Environment : The Dwarf Gourami eats all flake and freeze-dried foods. Vegetable flake foods and occasional feedings of live brine shrimp should be included in its diet.

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