Misuse of others as an adjective
Don't say:
The others boys aren't here.
The other boys aren't here.
Others isn't an adjective but a pronoun. The adjective fs otfrer (without the s) We can say. The others aren't here omitting thtf noun boys
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    Only those who are suffering from gas know what a relief it is to get rid of it. Gas is not funny at all. It is a very serious ailment and must be treated in a timely manner. It gives rise to indigestion flatulence acute chest pain stomach aches muscular cramps and pains rheumatism in the long run heaviness hypertension and even problems like hair loss and reduction of eyesight if it becomes chronic. Anise essential oil promotes the removal of gases and as a digestive it does not let it form as indigestion is the cause of excess gas.

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