General Knowledge - General Awareness - 2010

1. Renewable electricity certificate (REC) are Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) initiative which are a type of environmental commodity intended to provide an economic incentive for electricity generation from renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power. Which among the following states in India has become the first state to notify the final regulations on REC mechanism?

2. Which among the following are the states to be covered in the Indian Railways proposed South South Corridor for which Railways is to undertake an engineering-cum-traffic survey soon?

3. On February 3, 2010, a L'Homme Qui Marche I which means The Walking Man I a bronze sculpture was sold in London for £65,001,250 creating a new world record auction price and has become one of the most expensive works of art ever sold at auction. Who was sculptor of this work?

4. Which of the following company has recently bought Code 10, the Hair style brand of Colgate Palmolive Ltd to foray into the Malaysian market ?

5. Who among the following is the receiver of TED prize for 2010?

6. Darfur is a war affected area located in which of the following countries?

7. Which among the following states has been allotted 37th National Games by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) ?

8. On which place is Saina Nehwal in the current BWF world Rankings?

9. Instead of the $974 million earmarked in the original contract inked between India and Russia in January 2004 for the aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, India finally agreed to pay as much as ____________ for refit?

10. Which among the following is India's first standard gauge depot as DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited ) unveils this depot on February 22, 2010?

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