General Awareness - July 2002 - Test -01

1. Which of the following is the first transgenic or genetically engineered crop in India ?

2. As per the ruling given by the Supreme Court of India, the candidates for the Lok Sabha & Assembly elections will be required to disclose their
(A) Educational qualifications
(B) Assets
(C) Antecedents

3. The Minimum Support Price of wheat for the current financial year is fixed at Rs. per quintal.

4. Which of the following is TRUE about the debate on the situation of Gujarat held in the Parliament recently ?
(A) The NDA government got 281 votes while opposition got only 194 votes.
(B) The debate continued for about 16 hours.
(C) The motion was put up by the NDA Govt. itself.

5. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the political situation in Venezuela ?
(A) There was a coup in which President Chavez was thrown out in April 2002.
(B) The reforms introduced by the Chavez Govt. are not getting support of the public.
(C) Chavez again managed his 'comeback' and is now the President of Venezuela.

6. Which of the following will be the Cash Reserve Ratio of banks w.e.f. June 15, 2002?

7. The Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd. is now owned by which of the following industrial houses ?

8. Which of the following is NOT TRUE as per the National Human Development report released recently?
(A) The human development index improved annually at 4.3 percent in the 1980s but only 2.4 percent in 1990s.
(B) Goa was found to be at the top in many of the indicators.
(C) Gender Disparities have declined almost in all states.
(D) The quality of life in Kerala has improved a lot.

9. The dairy products now attract customs duty at the rate of

10. The 2nd SAARC Gold Cup Championship was won by which of the following teams ?

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