General English : General Elementary English Questions and Answers

1. One morning there was quite a hubbub (loud noise and activity) in the Fortune ________ when Cathy came rushing into the sitting room helter skelter (running at great speed),

2. These people were not at all fuddy duddy (uninteresting) or indeed hoity toity (supercilious) and their main interest in life was to ________ that all animals were well treated.

3. He simply thinks to himself: I live in a small village by a little stream and ________ this time of year lots of creatures start to wake up and make a lot of noise.

4. Andrew worried about the weather, the state of the pound, his health, the cost of ________ and once he even worried because he thought he wasn't worrying enough.

5. They lived in a des res (very attractive house) and her father, John Fortune, who was really a bit of a fat cat (wealthy businessman) thought that all this animal ________ was a lot of hocus pocus (nonsense).

6. She used to hob nob (socialise) with people who ________ the same way as she did.

7. Cathy and her father had several pow wows (conversations) about her decision but it usually ________ up with a lot of argy bargy (arguments).

8. I apologise for the simplicity of these ________ but I want to illustrate the unimaginative nature which Andrew possesses.

9. She just wished that her father could ________ and be even steven (fair) about her side of the argument.

10. But as far ________ Cathy was concerned, he was the bee's knees (someone to admire) and when she left school, she went to work as his assistant in the Society for the Protection of Animals.

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