History of India

1. Name the first historical ruler of Chola dynasty?

2. The Laccadives and the Maldives islands were conquered by Indians in the reign of

3. Which of the following statements, about the Second Battle of Tarain (Thanesar), is incorrect ?

4. Why Alauddin Khilji invaded Mewar ?

5. In the Battle of Thanesar, fought in the year AD 1014, Mahmud of Ghazni defeated

6. Mahirud of Ghazni wanted gold and jewellery to

7. The kingdom of Chola dynasty included the present day State of

8. By what name the districts were known during the reign of Chols dynasty ?

9. Mahmud of Ghazni was the patron of poet

10. Name the king who constituted a Hindu Confederacy to face Mahmud of Ghazni.

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