Homonyms - Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

1. The little pianist took a ________ after he finished playing his sonatina.

2. Where can you ________ flannel shirts?

3. The ________ shop sold dress, veils and flowers.

4. A baby born feet first is called ________ baby.

5. The ________ shop sold saddles, spurs and cowboy hats.

6. When the ________ breaks the baby will fall.

7. Don't touch that, you might ________ it.

8. Let's have a ________ for coffee.

9. Where did the dog ________ the bone?

10. The wine ________ had twenty years of experience purchasing and pricing wines from many different regions.

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    Main base

    This base has the majority of the flyer foot and the majority of her weight. The main base will be almost directly under the stunt until it is cradled or brought down. In a one leg extension stunt, the main base will lift the toe and heel of the foot to increase stability from moving forwards or backwards. With single base extensions the main base with grip onto the heel of the flyers foot having a nice and stable transition. The main base is the powerhouse of one legged stunts because she/he holds a majority of the weight but keeps their arms somewhat towards the center of the stunt to share the rest of the weight with the secondary base. The main base cups the flyers foot from toe to heel, creating a floor for the flyers foot and stability.

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