Homonyms - Vocabulary Questions and Answers.

1. The choirmaster played the opening ________ before they sang.

2. The breakfast ________ is on aisle four.

3. Roosters are also called ________.

4. I prefer ________ music to instrumental music

5. Scuba diving near a ________ reef is exciting and colorful.

6. If he ________ the problem over, he can come up with a solution.

7. Her hair was thick and ________ rather than thin and fine.

8. The clothes may be ________ but they are not well made.

9. Ranchers keep their horse in a ________.

10. ________ is a common English family name.

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    Antaeus was a giant with super strength that he inherited from his father, Poseidon (god of the sea), and his mother, Gaia (Earth), but he became weak once he was lifted into the air. He was the bully type who lived somewhere in the Libyan desert and would challenge any poor fool who had the unfortunate luck of passing through his territory to a deadly wrestling match, ultimately killing them, and then collecting their skulls so he could one day build a temple dedicated to Poseidon with these trophies. But one day his luck went south, however, because one of the passersby happened to be Heracles, who was on his way to the Garden of the Hesperides to complete his eleventh labor. Antaeus made the fatal mistake of challenging Heracles, and once the world s greatest hero discovered the giant s kryptonite he lifted him up and crushed him in a bear hug.

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