Indian National Movement

1. In the Section 84 of the Government of India Act, 1919, there was. a provision for the setting up of a Statutory Commission, at the expiry of ten years, after the passing of the Act. Thus, the: Statutory Commission was scheduled to be set up in 1929. But it was appointed in 1927. Which of the following was the possible cause of setting up the Commission two years earlier than the scheduled date ?

2. Which of the following factors contributed to the rise of Swarayst Movement ?

3. Why the Draft Constitution prepared by the Committee of nine is known as the Nehru Report ?

4. Which of the following was the most important gain of non-cooper-ation movement ?

5. How the Congress leaders reacted to the suspension of Civil Disobedience Movement?

6. For which of the following purposes Seth Jainualal BajaJ was subscribing a lakh of rupees per year ?

7. Who was the leader of Swarajist Party in Central Legislative Assembly ?

8. Which of the following was a serious consequence of the Moplah, Revolt ?

9. Which of the following statements, about the elections of 1923, is true ?

10. On July 7, 1925 Lord Birkenhead challenged the Indian leaders to draft a Constitution which would be acceptable to all shades of political opinion in India. He repeated this challenge, in 1927, in the House of Lords. How the Indian leaders reacted to this .challenge ?

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    Dussehra Poems

    Dussehra epitomizes the victory of good over evil. It is a very auspicious day and thus celebrated as a festive occasion throughout the country. It was the day when Ram killed the ten headed demon Ravana and saved the man kind from his brutal torture and established the faith of people into the power of truth and religion once again.

    Aa Gya Pawan Dusshera
    Phir Hume Sandesh Dene,Aa Gya Pawan Dusshera

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