Indian National Movement

1. What was the important announcement made by Lord Linlithgow to win the favour of Indians ?

2. In April, 1933 Joint Parliamentary Select Committee was constituted to examine the proposals contained in the White Paper. Who was the Chairman of this Committee ?

3. Which of the following statements, about White Paper, is incorrect ?

4. Why Congress Ministries resigned in 1939 ?

5. The Communal Award declared, by Ramsay Mac Donald, on August 16, 1932 was a shameless manifestation of the, 'Divideund Rule' policy of the British Government. Which of the following proposals was included in the Communal Award ?

6. Which of the following was the cause of suspension of Civil Disobedience Movement ?

7. Which of the following proved to be a major setback to the Civil Disobedience Movement ?

8. Which of the following steps was not immediately taken by the Government to suppress the Quit India Movement ?

9. How the Indian National Congress reacted to, Communal Award ?

10. Why the Extremists, in the Congress Party, were unhappy at the Gandhi-Irwin Pact ?

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  • Homeopathy


    Artemisia vulgaris
    Mugwort, wormwood, sailorís tobacco.

    Key Uses:
  • Chorea
  • Epilepsy
  • Fits and seizures, including petit mal in children
  • Nervous disorders, triggered by bad news, grief, or a blow to the head
  • Sleepwalking

    Origin : Found in temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

    Background : Mugwort was traditionally kept in medieval homes to ward off the devil. Chinese doctors use the herb in moxibustion, a traditional treatment.

    Preparation : The fresh root is dug up at the beginning of winter, chopped, and macerated in alcohol.

    Remedy Profile : The classic symptom picture for Artemisia is of nervous disorders, possibly triggered by bad news, grief, or a blow to the head.
    The nervous conditions for which this remedy is used include sleepwalking, fits or seizures, chorea (involuntary rapid, jerky body movements), and epilepsy. There may be absentmindedness and stupor. Seizures may be brought on by cooling after exertion, or by flickering lights. Children who benefit from Artemisia may tend to experience petit mal fits or absences rather than full seizures, possibly during teething. They may have been born to mothers who felt great grief during their pregnancy.

    Symptoms Better : At night; for rubbing the eyes; for deep breathing.

    Symptoms Worse : For fright; for grief; for head injury; for menstrual problems; for prolonged dancing.

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