IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

1. Which of the following is least like others?

2. Choose the number which is different from others.

3. Two men, starting at the same point, walk in opposite directions for 4 meters, turn left and walk another 3 meters. What is the distance between them?

4. A and B both are children of C. If C is the mother of A,A is the son of C but B is not the daughter of C,how are A and B related?

5. Steel : Rails :: Alnico : ?

6. Probe : Wound :: Anemograph : ?

7. Vicuna : Camel :: Repec : ?

8. GOODNESS is coded as HNPCODTR. How is GREATNESS coded in that code?

9. There are 50 students enrolled in Business 100. 90% took the exam. 2/3 rd of the students who took the exam passed the exam. Students passed the exam are

10. The length of a plot of land is twice its breadth. A square swimming pool of 8 m. wide occupies one-eight of the plot. What is the length of the plot in meters?

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