IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

1. Water : Convection :: Space : ?

2. Two men, starting at the same point, walk in opposite directions for 4 meters, turn left and walk another 3 meters. What is the distance between them?

3. Scribble : Write :: Stammer : ?

4. The difference between two numbers is 5 and their sum is 65. What will be their product?

5. In the series 7, 12, 17, 22, 27, 32, … which of the following will be a member of the given series?

6. Pointing to a person a man said to a woman,’ His mother is the only daughter of your father.’ How was the woman related to the person?

7. If P denotes +, Q denotes -, R denotes / and S denotes X, then 18 S 36 R 12 Q 6 P 7 = ?

8. C is the brother of A. B is the daughter of A. E is the sister of C. D is the brother of B. Who is the uncle of D?

9. Which of the following numbers will appear in the series 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, …

10. One day in 1980, Jim said, 'The day before yesterday I was twelve. Next year I will be fifteen.' What is his date of birth?

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  • Homeopathy


    Trinitrum syn. Nitroglycerinum
    Nitroglycerine, trinitroglycerine, glyceryl trinitrate.

    Key Uses:
  • Heat exhaustion
  • High blood pressure, especially in the elderly
  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Severe headaches, accompanied by great confusion and a compulsion to hold the head and squeeze it

    Origin : Chemically prepared.

    Background : An Italian chemist, Ascanio Sobreoro, created nitroglycerine in 1846, and 20 years later the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel used it to develop dynamite.

    Preparation : Nitroglycerine is dissolved in purified water, diluted, and succussed.

    Remedy Profile : Symptoms that are treated with Glonoinum focus on the regulation of the circulation between the head and the heart. The remedy is used when an increase in blood supply causes hot flashes, similar to those experienced during heatstroke, which surge up to the brain in waves, resulting in severe headaches. There is typically a bursting, “full” sensation in the head, with great confusion and a compulsion to hold the head and squeeze it. Glonoinum is also used for high blood pressure, particularly in the elderly, for heat exhaustion, and for menopausal hot flashes.

    Symptoms Better : For fresh air.

    Symptoms Worse : For heat, especially that of the sun; for movement such as shaking the head.

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