IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

1. Given the floor area of a room as 24 feet by 48 feet, and the space diagonal of the room as 56 feet, can you find the height of the room?

2. Cylindrical container has a radius of 8 inches and a height of 3 inches. How many inches should be added to either radius or height to give the same increase in the volume?

3. A man covers d miles in t hours. At that rate how long(in hours) will it take him to cover m miles?

4. City A is 200 miles west of City B and City C is 150 miles directly north of City B. What is the shortest distance (in miles) between City C and City A?

5. In 1967, a new boat cost $2500. In 1992 it costs $4800. The boat's cost increased by what percent between 1967 and 1992?

6. At a luncheon table where 12 men are seated, one-half of the men belong to Club A, one-third belong to Club B, and one-fourth belong to both clubs. How many men belong to neither?

7. If the length of each of the sides of three square garden plots is increased by 50%, by what percent is the sum of the areas of the three plots increased?

8. City X is 200 miles east of City Y, and City Z is 150 miles directly north of City Y. What is the shortest distance (in miles) between X and Z?

9. When the price of a cycle was reduced by 20%, the number of cycles sold increased by 20%. What was the effect on the sales of the shop?

10. Which of the following fraction is the largest?

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