IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

1. The wheel of a bicycle is 28 inches in diameter. How many feet will the bicycle cover in 9 turns of the wheel? (use pi=22/7)

2. I drove 60 miles at 30 miles/hr and then an additional 60 miles at 50 miles/hr. Compute my average speed over the 120 miles.

3. How big will an angle of 1.5 degrees look through a glass that magnifies things 3 times?

4. We have two dice, one red and one black. In how many different ways can they be arranged?

5. At a luncheon table where 12 men are seated, one-half of the men belong to Club A, one-third belong to Club B, and one-fourth belong to both clubs. How many men belong to neither?

6. Point A(-3,-4) is drawn to point B(3,4). Which of the following is true?

7. A man covers d miles in t hours. At that rate how long(in hours) will it take him to cover m miles?

8. Which of the following fraction is the largest?

9. What are the next terms in the sequence? 17, 15, 26, 22, 35, 29, ?, ?

10. If A=2/3B, B=2/3C, and C=2/3D, what part of D is B?

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