IQ Quiz Questions and Answers.

1. Lettuce is a part of sunflower family?

2. How many years can the lungfish live out of water?

3. How much was the loudest burp?

4. How many vocal sounds cats can make?

5. A batsman has a certain average of runs for 16 innings. In the 17th inning, he makes a score of 85 runs thereby increasing his average by 3. The average of the 17 innings is

6. A dolphin sleeps with one eye open?

7. Which country democracy begins 2500 years ago?

8. Lemons contains more sugar than Strawberries?

9. A cistern is normally filled in 8hrs but takes 2 hrs longer because of a leak in its bottom. If the cistern is full, the leak will empty it in (hrs)

10. An Ostrich's eye is bigger than it's brain?

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