Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. (1) He said the agitation was launched
(P) after all other attempts
(Q) as a last resort,
(R) the demands conceded
(S) to make the authorities implement
(6) nearly a decade ago failed

2. (1) About a hundred Vintage beauties
(P) have been restored
(Q) over the years
(R) from the scrap
(S) many of which
(6) participate in the famous Vintage Car Rally every year.

3. (1) He dared
(P) the forty thieves
(Q) to fight
(R) who
(S) challenged him
(6) to a duel

4. The Indian woman wants
(P) in a male dominated society
(Q) as an equal partner
(R) and it is not too much to demand
(S) her rightful place

5. Atypical Prakash Padukone day
(P) or even a game oftennis
(Q) starts off
(R) on some days
(S) with an early morning

6. (1) What handicapped people
(P) an opportunity to pull their weight
(Q) but what we are ready
(R) and do something useful
(S) want most of all is
(6) to offer is pity.

7. (P) as environmental tools
(Q) for military purposes
(R) are finding various new uses
(S) the world's fastestcomputers initially conceived

8. It is
(P) the king and his four sons
(Q) believed that
(R)when they were riding in a royal procession
(S) were killed

9. (1) Believe it or not but
(P) to be a news reader
(Q) the Hindi film industry's leading actor
(R) was once dismissed
(S) for close to a decade
(6) on All India Radio

10. Churchill observed that
(P) the impressive and inspiring spectacle
(Q) displayed the vigour and efficiency
(R) of the civil defence forces otLondon
(S) he had witnessed in Hyde park that morning

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