Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. (P) One has no right in law
(Q) of a tenant's room
(R) to break open the lock
(S) and take its possession

2. The policeman
(P) to return the lady's purse
(Q) asked him
(R) who had caught a pick-pocket
(S) if he wished to avoid imprisonment

3. (1) The Government has constituted
(P) keeping in mind the necessary
(Q) to ensure adequate inputs of science and technology
(R) environmental safeguards
(S) an expert group to incorporate strategies
(6) for ecologically sustainable production

4. Though he was only a child
(P) he often worked much harder
(Q) than was either necessary
(R) in order to please his parents
(S) or good for him

5. (1) Believe it or not but
(P) to be a news reader
(Q) the Hindi film industry's leading actor
(R) was once dismissed
(S) for close to a decade
(6) on All India Radio

6. (1) The two men who were following
(P) and who were separated from the tigress by the rock,
(Q) when they saw me stop
(R) a few yards behind me
(S) stood still
(6) and turn my head.

7. (1) Gandhiji wanted the Congress Party
(P) for he knew that
(Q) its usefulness and would merely be
(R) to be disbanded on Independence,
(S) after that the party had outlived
(6) used by some politicians for their own ends.

8. (1) Excavators have discovered
(P) in Iraqs
(Q) and half animal figure
(R) a colossal half human
(S) dating back to the lee Ages
(6) northern city of Mosul.

9. (1) What handicapped people
(P) an opportunity to pull their weight
(Q) but what we are ready
(R) and do something useful
(S) want most of all is
(6) to offer is pity.

10. It has been established that
(P) Einstein was
(Q) although a great scientist
(R) weak in arithmetic
(S) right from his school days

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