Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. As his hunting skill increased,
(P) till at last it was as impossible for him
(Q) so did his lov~ for the hunt
(R) as it is for the opium eater
(S) to pass a day without it
(6) to forgo his daily potion.

2. (1) About a hundred Vintage beauties
(P) have been restored
(Q) over the years
(R) from the scrap
(S) many of which
(6) participate in the famous Vintage Car Rally every year.

3. (1) I am aware of the exciting demands
(P) in the highest public offic6
(Q) these demands have to
(R) but I do not see that
(S) of security of those
(6) wildly inconsistent with the rights of a citizen.

4. Padukone's retirement
(P) as is obvious
(Q) his concern for the game
(R) has not diminished
(S) when he talks of the Badminton Association of India

5. (1) If all the nations
(P) for the common good of mankind
(Q)then they will never fight with each other
(R) work together
(S) and agree to obey these laws,
(6) and there will be.no war.

6. Churchill observed that
(P) the impressive and inspiring spectacle
(Q) displayed the vigour and efficiency
(R) of the civil defence forces otLondon
(S) he had witnessed in Hyde park that morning

7. Athens
(P) it was also at its height
(Q) the first' democracy in the world,
(R) was not only
(S) an almost perfect democracy

8. It has been established that
(P) Einstein was
(Q) although a great scientist
(R) weak in arithmetic
(S) right from his school days

9. The mother exclaimed that
(P) to have solved the puzzle
(Q) so quickly
(R) it was
(S) very clever of him

10. During routine investigation
(P) other Harappan sites
(Q) archaeologists discovered artifacts
(R) that perfectly matched
(S) remains from

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