Ordering of Words in a Sentence
Directions: In the following items some parts of the sentence have been jumbled up. You are required to re-arrange these parts that are labeled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence.

1. The essay
(P) like that of the human face,
(Q) because the variety is infinite,
(R) is a literary form
(S) which isnot easy to define

2. Spiders
(P) build webs
(Q) in houses
(R) that many people fear
(S) those eight-legged bugs

3. (P) I am planning to go
(Q) to the hill station
(R) to spend my vacation
(S) where an acquaintance of my father lives

4. (1) Though the exact dimensions
(P) involved in the rocket
(Q) and the precise amounts Mit is clear that such a large scale operation
(S) are yet to be ascertained, (6) could not have been possible without the connivance of officials at various levels.

5. (1) She had understood
(P)so she withdrew herself from the ordinary people,
(Q) like a curse to her father's house,
(R) that God had sent her,
(S) from her earliest childhood
(6) and tried to live apart.

6. (1) Many people
(P) that the government can always pay out money quite easily,
(Q) that the government can only pay out money
(R) seem to think
(S) but they forget
(6) that it has received in taxes.

7. (P) four degrees below normal
(Q) icy winds lashed Srinagar
(R) withminimumtemperature registering
(S) which was already in the grip of gruelling cold wave conditions

8. (1) Some remarks
(P) put the police on the right scent
(Q) by a woman
(R) and they discovered
(S) casually dropped
(6) the whole gang of brigands

9. (1) The Reserve Bank of India has taken the risk
(P) as measured by the Wholesale Price Index
(Q) by allowing a large flow of funds
(R) whenthe annual rate of inflation
(S) into the economy at a time
(6) is slowly moving up.

10. (1) Strike
(P) when all the other methods
(Q) is a legitimate weapon of the worker
(R) to get better pay,
(S) shorter hours of work and better working conditions
(6) have failed.

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    Murex purpurea & M. trunculus
    Murex, purple snail.

    Key Uses:
  • Digestive problems in women
  • Intense premenstrual and menstrual pain
  • Painful breasts, perhaps developing benign tumors

    Origin : Found off the shores of the Mediterranean and Adriatic seas.

    Background : These mollusks produce a juice that was formerly used to make a rich, dark dye called Tyrian purple.

    Preparation : The juice secreted by either Murex species is dried and then triturated with lactose sugar.

    Remedy Profile : Murex is given mainly to women. It is most appropriate for those who are thin, wiry, nervous, and affectionate, with a high libido. They may have a tendency to develop deep depression, hypochondria, or a fear of illness.
    The remedy is strongly associated with problems of the female reproductive organs, especially intense menstrual pain accompanied by great impatience and a desire to die. It is also used if, prior to menstruation, there is pain so severe that it causes unconsciousness. In addition, breasts that are painful, perhaps developing benign tumors, may respond to Murex. Pain typically extends diagonally upward from the right ovary to the left breast. There is a great awareness of the uterus, which may feel constricted, dry, and sore, as if it has been wounded. The genitals feel as if they are being pushed out of the body, and there is nausea and great weakness, which may cause prostration.
    Murex may be prescribed for digestive problems in women, particularly if the symptoms include a sinking, empty sensation in the stomach and a desire to eat. It may also be used during menopause if the bowels are very sensitive.

    Symptoms Better : Before menstruation; for pressure on and support of the affected area; for sitting and crossing the legs.

    Symptoms Worse : During menstruation; for touch; for lying down; after sleep.

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