Physical Geography (Civil Service Examination), Questions and Answers, GK for UPSC, Bank PO & All Exams

1. In the middle of the year 2008 the Parliament of which one of the following countries became the first in the world to enact a Climate Act by passing "The Climate Change Accountability Bill"? [2009]

2. In the context of space technology, what is "Bhuvan", recently in the news? [2010]

3. Which one of the following factors is responsible for the change in the regular direction of the ocean currents in the Indian Ocean? [1997]

4. Given below are two statements one labelled as Assertion (A) and the other labelled as Reason (R). [1996]
Assertion (A): Areas near the equator receive rainfall throughout the year.
Reason (R): High temperatures and high humidity cause convectional rain in most afternoons near the equator.
In the context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct?

5. Along which one of the following meridians did India experience the first light of the sunrise of the new millennium? [2000]

6. Consider the following statements about the 'Roaring Forties': [2000]
1. They blow uninterrupted in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
2. They blow with great strength and constancy
3. Their direction is generally from North-West to East in the Southern Hemisphere
4. Overcast skies, rain and raw weather are generally associated with them
Which of these statements are correct?

7. Willy Willy is: [1995]

8. A meteor is: [1995]

9. Stiglitz Commission established by the President of the United Nations General Assembly was in the international news. The commission was supposed to deal with [2010]

10. Who among the following is the founder of World Economic Forum? [2009]

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    Love Compatibility between Aries and Scorpio

    Aries and Scorpio
    - Love Compatibility Profile :

    When Aries and Scorpio come together in a love match, it can be the kind of relationship where they both wonder how they ever managed apart. Both Signs love power and they can achieve just about anything -- as long as they learn to share the spotlight. Scorpio is very focused; once they set their sights on Aries, Aries is most likely powerless to resist! Scorpio has a deeper and more complex devotion to this relationship than does Aries.
    These two Signs tend to engage in heavy, heated arguments. Their connection is highly passionate and often argumentative, because both partners have jealous tendencies. Scorpio tends to be more patient, but is also more possessive than Aries -- and can lash out (with that Scorpion sting!) when their feelings get hurt. Despite their differences in emotional involvement, both partners love risk and taking chances; this is not a boring relationship! Aries and Scorpio can have lots of adventures together. They may have trouble understanding one another -- Aries is a true extrovert, totally up-front and open, while Scorpio is more inward, emotional and, at times, manipulative. Sometimes a truce is necessary to keep things running smoothly!
    Aries and Scorpio are both ruled by the Planet Mars (Passion), and Scorpio is also ruled by Pluto (Power). When two people with Mars's energy come together, it's like two soldiers on a battlefield -- they're either allies or deadly enemies. Mars also represents passion, so Aries and Scorpio tend to have an exciting time together (both in the bedroom and out of it!). Arguments are normal in such a challenge-oriented couple -- and making up is definitely something to look forward to! Pluto adds extra intensity to this dynamic.
    Aries is a Fire Sign and Scorpio is a Water Sign. These two elements can be a great combination if they work together, combining emotion and physical action to get things done. Scorpio is a strategist, and can help Aries slow down and learn how to plan battles before jumping into them. Aries teaches Scorpio to let go and move on when their efforts are thwarted. However, Water can also put out a Fire, and Scorpio's tendency toward emotional manipulation has that effect on Aries -- it's too much Water dampening Aries's enthusiasm. Conversely, too much Fire makes Water evaporate away; when under emotional stress, Scorpio can become vindictive. It's essential for Aries and Scorpio to work together, not against one another.
    Aries is a Cardinal Sign and Scorpio is a Fixed Sign. Aries can teach Scorpio about spontaneity -- doing things just for the experience, rather than always having an agenda in mind. Scorpio can help teach Aries to stabilize and finish things rather than always jumping into new projects without completing what's already on the table. When they can understand that they're both loyal and devoted to one another, they can both be the boss -- Aries as the initiator and Scorpio as the emotional leader.
    What's the best aspect of the Aries-Scorpio relationship? The power of their combined forces. They're both winners and they won't give up, making theirs a relationship that never settles for second best.

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