Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following techniques allows for the participants to be anonymous?

2. A project is engaged in making electronic devices. It is necessary for them to purchase materials to make the printed circuit boards. All of the parts are common parts that are available from several vendors. The most likely contract that should be issued for these parts is:

3. Which of the following can be used to determine what work is included in each work package for each of your team members?

4. A project is being managed by a project manager. A large portion of the work of the project is being subcontracted to an outside vendor. During the project it is found that a significant change in the design of the project is necessary. The project manager should:

5. In the communications model, communications between the sender and the receiver often are affected by communications barriers. These include all of the following except:

6. A project is coming to a close, and the project manager is listing the things that must be done to close out the project. One of the things that must be done by the person responsible for contract administration is:

7. There are many ways to organize projects. The persons involved with these projects have several titles that describe their management responsibilities. Which of the following titles describes a person that has a primary responsibility for communications?

8. The project manager has a very complex communication to prepare for the program manager. In order to ensure that the communication will be understood as completely as possible, what method of communication should be used?

9. Which of the following describes a group of elated schedule activities aggregated at some summary level, displayed reported as a single activity at summary level?

10. A project manager is responsible for performance reporting. Which of the following is not one of the tools and techniques that the project manager can use for performance reporting?

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