Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following are filters that the receiver uses to filter messages?

2. Which of the following media can a communicator use to present information?

3. Communication barriers are a more frequent source of conflict in matrix and projectized environments than functional organizations for all the following reasons except:

4. A project manager wants to handle communications well in his project. In order to do this he has chosen to write a communications plan. Of the items listed below, which one is not part of the communications plan?

5. Formal acceptance by the client or the sponsor of the project indicates that they have accepted the products of the project. This document should be signed off during what part of the project?

6. The study of the way words are used and the meaning that they convey is called:

7. At the request of the project team for a large project, the company’s purchasing department advertises that they intend to let a contract for construction work associated with the project. This is called:

8. Statements such as ‘‘It’s never been done before’’ or ‘‘It will cost a fortune’’ are examples of:

9. A project manager finds that she is having trouble concentrating on what is being said in meetings. One of the things that she might try to improve her listening ability might be:

10. During a project meeting a disagreement between two members of the project team began. The disagreement was over a technical detail of the project. The project manager was in attendance in the meeting. It is important that the conflicting opinions of the two team members be resolved as quickly as possible. It is even more important that the difference of opinion be resolved correctly. What should the project manager do?

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