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Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. A WBS can be used foe all of the following EXCEPT:

2. The administrative closure procedure is an output of the close project process. It is an input to which process?

3. Which of the following statements are true?

4. Approved corrective actions are an input to which process?

5. You are in the process of reviewing all change requests and controlling changes to deliverables and organizational process assets. All of the following are INPUTS except:

6. Which of the following consists of tools and techniques used to gather, integrate, and disseminate the outputs of the project management processes?

7. You are in the process of controlling changes to the project cost baseline. Which of the following is the LEAST helpful tool/ technique?

8. Contract file and formal acceptance and closure are outputs of which processes?

9. The applied level of change control is LEAST dependent upon:

10. You are the project manager at a large accounting firm in the United States. Throughout the year your firm provides both consulting services and accounting/ auditing services to XYZ Widgets, Inc, a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Currently, your project involves auditing the financial statements of XYZ Widgets Inc, in preparation for the annual shareholders/ investors meeting.

While your team is in the midst of project execution, you are informed that your project is due to new SEC regulations. Specifically, a new SEC regulation prohibits accounting firms from providing both consulting services and auditing services to a client, due to potential conflicts of interest that could arise from such business relationships. As a result, your project is cancelled, and the budget for your project is cut. Without the necessary budget, your project team is disbanded and your project team members go to their separate ways. Which of the following statements are true?

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  • ➲A compound subject is two or more subjects in a sentence. These

    subjects are joined by a conjunction and share the same verb. The compound

    subject is underlined in each sentence.

    Happy, Sleepy, and Doc knew Snow White.

    The horses and the king’s men could not put Humpty Dumpty

    back together again.

    She and I will go to the dance tomorrow night.

    ➲ A compound predicate (verb) is two or more verbs that are joined by

    a conjunction and share the same subject. The compound predicates are

    underlined in each sentence.

    An experienced pilot studies and knows about air currents.

    All of these cars were made and sold in our country.

    Hearing the exciting announcement, the audience members

    loudly cheered and whistled.

    Note: In the sentence, ‘‘Renata waxed her car, and then she parked it in the

    garage,’’ the two verbs waxed and parked are not compound predicates (or

    verbs) since they do not share the same subject. Renata and she (though

    the same person) are different subjects (in different parts of the same


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