Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. You are the project manager of a company that is building ATM software for a large bank and financial institutions. You have been told that the ATM software must meet very stringent quality standards. Including rigorous auditing of all transactions, ability to recover in case of software/ hardware errors, and fraud detection/analysis and robust two-factor authentication.
The ATM system is currently in production, when a quality problem is identified with a PIN card reader. This problem will require with a downtime of the manufacturing process while networks of the unit are performed. Fortunately, the units have not been shipped, to customers yet. Which of the following best describes the cost of quality associated with this problem?

2. Which of the following project quality management process is within the executing process group?

3. You have been assigned to a project to build a large 30-story condominium in Las Vegas. The condominium will feature luxurious amenities like state of the art work-out facilities, conference centers, valet services, maid services, spas, gourmet dining and resort style pools.
You have already finished the planning processes and have already begun construction. However, during project execution, a large number of changes are being made to the project. Which of the following BEST response to these changes?

4. You are the project manager responsible for constructing new 100-unit apartment in downtown Manhattan. As part of construction project, you are planning to outsource a particular deliverable of your project.
You have created a document that described the product and services required in detail and have included the necessary reporting requirements. Which of the following BEAST describes the document you have just prepared?

5. You have just completed the progress planning process group and are ready to begin the project executing process group. You will need to perform all the following executing processes except:

6. You are the project manager at a construction company. Your company is in the process of developing a 500-unit apartment complex. Your company has subcontracted all the electrical wiring of the building to XYZ Electrical. The subcontractor’s work involved wiring the building for electrical power, as well as cable and Internet/Ethernet wiring. The subcontractor has just completed the work, and you are in process of inspecting his work.
However, you’ve just discovered that the subcontractor forgot to install the Cat-5 Ethernet/Internet cabling throughout the building. The subcontractor’s performance did not meeting the contractor requirements. Which of the following statements are true?

7. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding recognition and rewards?

8. With respect top cost of quality, which of the following individuals suggested that 85% of the cost of quality is a management problem?

9. Your are in the process o reviewing offers and choosing among potential sellers. All of the following are tools you can use except:

10. You are the project manger at an advertising firm that specializes in marketing and promotional campaign for athletic shoes. Your company frequently uses sports celebrities as part of the marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertising that uses celebrities to influence consumer’s purchasing decisions is an example of what type of power?

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