Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. With respect top cost of quality, which of the following individuals suggested that 85% of the cost of quality is a management problem?

2. You are involved in monitoring specific project results to determine whether they comply with relevant quality standards. You are using a control chart to illustrate how a process is behaving over time. You’ve constructed your control chart and determined that all the data points are within the upper and lower control limits of the chart. In addition, seven consecutive data points are observed to be on the one side of the mean. Which of the following is your BEST plan of action?

3. You are the project manger at an advertising firm that specializes in marketing and promotional campaign for athletic shoes. Your company frequently uses sports celebrities as part of the marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertising that uses celebrities to influence consumer’s purchasing decisions is an example of what type of power?

4. You are the project manager at a construction company. Your company is in the process of developing a 500-unit apartment complex. Your company has subcontracted all the electrical wiring of the building to XYZ Electrical. The subcontractor’s work involved wiring the building for electrical power, as well as cable and Internet/Ethernet wiring. The subcontractor has just completed the work, and you are in process of inspecting his work.
However, you’ve just discovered that the subcontractor forgot to install the Cat-5 Ethernet/Internet cabling throughout the building. The subcontractor’s performance did not meeting the contractor requirements. Which of the following statements are true?

5. You in the project executing process group, and would like to confirm the implementation of approved change request, corrective actions, and defect repairs. Which of the following tool/technique can you leverage?

6. Which of the following processes best describes the project human resource management knowledge area?

7. You have been assigned to a project to build a large 30-story condominium in Las Vegas. The condominium will feature luxurious amenities like state of the art work-out facilities, conference centers, valet services, maid services, spas, gourmet dining and resort style pools.
You have already finished the planning processes and have already begun construction. However, during project execution, a large number of changes are being made to the project. Which of the following BEST response to these changes?

8. You are currently in the marker for the new car. You are debating between two different cars. Car ABC is highly reliable car with an excellent track record. However, car ABC lacks some premium equipment, such as high-end audio system and sports suspension. On the other hand, car XYZ comes standard with various premium equipment including a sports suspension and high-end audio system. However, car XYZ is much les reliable and would require more frequent maintenance and repairs. How would you characterized the two cars?

9. Which of the following would LEAST likely to be found as part of a contract?

10. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques describes a loselose situation where one of the parties involved in the conflict reduces to discuss the conflict, and hence, a resolution is never achieved

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