Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. You have just completed the progress planning process group and are ready to begin the project executing process group. You will need to perform all the following executing processes except:

2. Which of the following LEAST likely describes a weighting system used in the Select Sellers process?

3. You are the project manager for the international contract manufacturing firm with manufacturing the plants and offices in India, China and Thailand. Your company design and manufacture various consumer electronics such as flat screen, television, laptop computers, monitors, e.t.c.
Your company is in the process of bidding on a project to manufacture the next generation 128-bit video game console for x-cube station. As a potential bidder for this project your company must register so that it is on the qualified seller list. Which of the following statements are true?

4. All of the following statements are true regarding the communications management plan EXCEPT:

5. Which of the following statements regarding the project charter is FALSE?

6. You have been assigned to a project to build a large 30-story condominium in Las Vegas. The condominium will feature luxurious amenities like state of the art work-out facilities, conference centers, valet services, maid services, spas, gourmet dining and resort style pools.
You have already finished the planning processes and have already begun construction. However, during project execution, a large number of changes are being made to the project. Which of the following BEST response to these changes?

7. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding the process improvement plan?

8. You are a project manager at java ice cream factory. You are currently supervising the manufacturing of new flavor ice cream java bean, burgundy crunch. The manufacturing of this flavor was proceeding as planned, until a manufacturing error occurred that requires corrective action to be taken. Ironically the manufacturing error resulted in a new variant of the flavor.
Product team really thinks that flavor would be a success in a marketplace. They have asked you to cancel the corrective action, and integrate this serendipitous discovery in the manufacturing process. As a project manager you have realized that this has resulted in a change in project scope. Which of the following statement are FALSE?

9. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding recognition and rewards?

10. Consider the project integration management knowledge area. Which of the following process are included?

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