Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following are not the direct result of managing the team?

2. Which of the following LEAST likely describes a weighting system used in the Select Sellers process?

3. You are the project manager of a company that is building ATM software for a large bank and financial institutions. You have been told that the ATM software must meet very stringent quality standards. Including rigorous auditing of all transactions, ability to recover in case of software/ hardware errors, and fraud detection/analysis and robust two-factor authentication.
The ATM system is currently in production, when a quality problem is identified with a PIN card reader. This problem will require with a downtime of the manufacturing process while networks of the unit are performed. Fortunately, the units have not been shipped, to customers yet. Which of the following best describes the cost of quality associated with this problem?

4. Which of the following statements are true regarding the project human resource management processes?

5. You are in the process of obtaining necessary human resource to complete the project. All the following are tools you can use except:

6. You are the project manager for the international contract manufacturing firm with manufacturing the plants and offices in India, China and Thailand. Your company design and manufacture various consumer electronics such as flat screen, television, laptop computers, monitors, e.t.c.
Your company is in the process of bidding on a project to manufacture the next generation 128-bit video game console for x-cube station. As a potential bidder for this project your company must register so that it is on the qualified seller list. Which of the following statements are true?

7. You are the project manger at an advertising firm that specializes in marketing and promotional campaign for athletic shoes. Your company frequently uses sports celebrities as part of the marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertising that uses celebrities to influence consumerís purchasing decisions is an example of what type of power?

8. You are a project manager at java ice cream factory. You are currently supervising the manufacturing of new flavor ice cream java bean, burgundy crunch. The manufacturing of this flavor was proceeding as planned, until a manufacturing error occurred that requires corrective action to be taken. Ironically the manufacturing error resulted in a new variant of the flavor.
Product team really thinks that flavor would be a success in a marketplace. They have asked you to cancel the corrective action, and integrate this serendipitous discovery in the manufacturing process. As a project manager you have realized that this has resulted in a change in project scope. Which of the following statement are FALSE?

9. All of the following statements are true regarding the communications management plan EXCEPT:

10. You in the project executing process group, and would like to confirm the implementation of approved change request, corrective actions, and defect repairs. Which of the following tool/technique can you leverage?

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