Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Project Risk Management includes all of the following processes except:

2. In negotiating with functional department managers, project managers often find themselves using what two-party conflict management approach?

3. Which of the following contract types places the greatest risk on the seller?

4. A fixed-price-plus-incentive-fee (FPI. contract has a target cost of $130,000, a target profit of $15,000, a target price of $145,000, a ceiling price of $160,000, and a share ratio of 80/20. The actual cost of the project was $150,000. How much profit does the seller make?

5. A type of organization in which the project manager has little formal authority and basically acts as a staff assistant to an executive who is ultimately responsible for the project is called:

6. There is project with CPI of 0.81 and TCPI=1.00001 this project is:

7. Which of the following is true about pure risk?

8. In which of the following organizations is the project manager role likely to be part-time?

9. Under what circumstances is it better for a contractor to subcontract?

10. In which of the following contract types is the seller's profit limited?

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