Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. After the kickoff meeting, two team members engage in a casual conversation about the project objectives and deliverables. It is clear they heard different messages during the meeting. One member is so adamant that the other member gives up arguing the point. After talking to the project manager, the second member confirms that the first member is mistaken. At this point, what is the BEST course of action?

2. Which of the following is most true?

3. Your client informs that his company has a problem with the current design specs of your product and how it will interface with the existing systems. If this occurs, it could be a major problem for your project. The client is coming to your office in one week to discuss the problem and to see what your team can do to overcome this setback. All previous meetings were informal with this client, but now he wants a formal meeting. What should you do to prepare for this meeting

4. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost (CPPC) contracts provide:

5. In general a project charter covers:

6. Three Point Statistical Estimating Formula Group. Expected Value =

7. ______ recognizes that a project or phase should begin and commits the organization to do so:

8. Some organizations are now using 6 Sigma for quality control compared to the usual:

9. In which of the following project management process groups are the most time and money typically spent?

10. A new project manager is about to begin creating the project's scope of work. One stakeholder wants to add many items to the scope of work. Another stakeholder only wants to describe the functional requirements. The project is important for the project manager's company but a seller will do the work. Which of the following would you advise the project manager to do?

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