Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. You are a project manager for a major information systems project. Someone from the quality department comes to see you about beginning a quality audit of your project. The team, already under pressure to complete the project as soon as possible, takes objection to the audit. You should explain to the team that the purpose of a quality audit is?

2. You have been promoted to Manager, Continuous Process Improvement. Your new position:

3. Cost of quality is a concept that includes:

4. A role of the change control board is to:

5. The process of getting a group of diverse individuals to work effectively together as a team is the definition of

6. Ultimate responsibility for quality management in the project rests with the?

7. The types of power that have substantial influence on both subordinates and upper management are:

8. Earned value can be described as:

9. A project management professional can compare earned value performance data to all of the following project management tools EXCEPT:

10. An advisor to a new project manager tells the project manager to create lessons learned at the end of a project. A lessons learned includes?

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