Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. You are in the process of developing an approximation of the costs of the resources needed to complete each schedule activity. All of the following are tools/ techniques you can use in this process EXCEPT:

2. Which of the following diagramming methods can only use finish-tostart relationships and may use dummy activities to express logical relationship between activities?

3. You are the project manager for an information technology division of a large financial services firm in the United States. Your company offers a web based trading platform that provides options and futures trading for U.S commodities markets. Due to the rise in popularity of futures and options trading, your company has grown rapidly. To keep up with the demands you have been assigned with the responsibility of upgrading company’s network and computing infrastructure. You have given the project charter progressively elaborated the requirements, and have just completed the Scope Definition and Create WBS processes. However while you are in the activity duration process you realized that certain deliverables are missing from the scope definition and create WBS processes. What is your next plan of action?

4. Which of the following is LEAST likely to improve the accuracy of cost estimates produced through parametric cost estimating technique?

5. All of the following are environmental factors that should be considered during Human Resource Planning EXCEPT:

6. Which of the following describes an input to the direct and manage project execution process that consist of documented, authorized changes to expand or contract the project scope?

7. Which of the following statements are FALSE regarding sensitivity analysis?

8. Which of the following statements are true regarding the Risk Breakdown Structure?

9. You are the project manager responsible for developing a new hybrid engine for a major auto manufacturer. You are in the process of developing the project schedule and would like to identify the project risks and associated risk response plans. Where would you be able to retrieve this information?

10. Which of the following documents describes the details of the procurement items in order to allow prospective seller to determine whether they are capable of providing the products or services?

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