pmp practice test - 4

Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following is configuration management activity that is involved with ensuring that the performance and the functional requirement defined in the configuration document have been met?

2. Which of the following tool/ technique are unplanned responses to risks that were previously unidentified?

3. You have been hired as a project manger for a local community college. The community college wants you to design and develop a custom student registration web site, so that student can select and register for their classes online. Your project is nearly complete. However near the end of the project your team experienced some technical difficulties that caused cost overrun and schedule delays. This information may be useful in future projects in all of the following activities except:

4. Which of the following is true regarding configuration control board?

5. Which of the following are not tools/ techniques of Manage Stakeholders process?

6. You are the project manager at a large automaker in Japan. Your project involves designing the next generation 4-wheel drive Sport Utility vehicle for the Asian market. A new fuel efficient engine design is required as part of your project. Unfortunately, your project team did not have the necessary expertise to design and manufacture a new fuel-efficient engine. Hence, your company plans has decided to subcontract all the engine designs an outside manufacturer in Europe. During your initial visits to European partners, you were presented with an expensive gift. You were told that this is local custom to give such gifts to business partners to during their visits. What should you do?

7. Michael works as a project manager at a construction company developing a new 150 story sky-scraper. He has asked a couple of his team members to return to warehouse to pick additional supplies. Since one of his team members is an expert electrician and since warehouse is close to where the Michael lives, he has asked his team mates to also stop by his house to fix some very minor electrical problems in his house. Is Michael behavior violating the PMI code of ethics?

8. Which of the following statements are false regarding contract closure procedure?

9. Which of the following statements are true regarding project ending?

10. Which of the following statements are true regrinding issue logs?

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