Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. You are currently on a 3-week vocation in Australia. You’ve decided to rent a car as your means of transport around the country. Driving in a foreign country can be potentially a risky activity as you are unfamiliar with the terrain. Hence, the probability of being involved in an accident is higher. As a project manager, you are aware of various techniques used to respond to understand risks. You would like to apply your risk management knowledge to reduce the risks associated with your driving. Which of the following is the BEST example of risk avoidance?

2. Dennis works for an international manufacturer of consumer electronics. He has been recently assigned to supervise and manage the manufacturing of a new model of flat-screen televisions. His supervisor congratulates Dennis on his expanded responsibilities. He informs Dennis that his new assignment will have the 1000 units of the new flat screen manufactured by September. What of the following is true regarding Dennis’s new assignment?

3. Schedule model data, which is an input of the schedule development process, includes all of the following EXCEPT:

4. You are in the process of identifying and documenting the project roles and responsibilities and create staffing management plan. All of the following are tools/ techniques you can use EXCEPT:

5. You are in the process project a project schedule for repainted your house, you first need to scrap off the existing paint, and then add a layer of primer. The primer provides the paint a better bonding surface so it sticks to the base material much better. Without priming, drywall surfaces will soak up more finish paint in some areas than in others, producing a splotchy effect. You decided to speed up the process by starting priming before all the scraping is finished. To correctly sequence these activities, which of the following should you do?

6. You are the project manager for the software company that develops stock analysis software. You have been assigned to develop a new technical analysis tools to forecast the price of stock given its historical volatility based on Elliot Wave techniques. You need to gather necessary information to write the project scope management plan. Which of the following tools/ techniques will NOT be useful for you in this process?

7. According to the PMI, which of the following are NOT true with regards to programs and projects?

8. Which of the following statements are true regarding the scope baseline for a project?

9. You are the project manager for an information technology division of a large financial services firm in the United States. Your company offers a web based trading platform that provides options and futures trading for U.S commodities markets. Due to the rise in popularity of futures and options trading, your company has grown rapidly. In fact, due to rapid growth, the company’s I.T. infrastructure is unable to meet the growing demands. To keep up with the demands you have been assigned the responsibility of upgrading the company’s network and company’s infrastructure. You have been asked to calculate the payback period for the project that is to be completed in the next 24 months. The IRR of the project is 12% and the annual savings will be $2million. The total cost of project will be $6million dollars. The cost of capital used by the company during previous projects is 5%. What is the payback period for this project?

10. According to PMI, application areas are categories of projects that have common elements in the majority of project, but are NOT necessarily required or applicable to all projects. Application areas are NOT usually defined in terms of:

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