Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Decomposing the major deliverables into smaller, more manageable components to provide better control is called:

2. The totality of characteristics of an entity that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs is the definition for:

3. The project management team should be aware that modern quality management complements modern project management. For example, both disciplines recognize the importance of:

4. You are a project manager working on a project to market a new product. The deliverables of the project have been established, and the project work has begun. A contract to deliver the deliverables has been signed. The customer who has signed the contract has telephoned you to request additional work to be done on the project. This work will affect the budget but not the schedule of the project. This project has a high priority with your company. What should you so next?

5. A category or rank given to products that have the same functional use but different technical characteristics is called the productís:

6. A project manager makes a narrative description of the work that must be done for her project. This is called a:

7. The Japanese developed a method of modern quality management that relies on continuing small improvements involving everyone from the top management to the lowest level worker in the organization. This is called:

8. You are the project manager for a large project. Some members of the project team have come to you and asked that they be permitted to work on a flexible schedule. Some of the other team members feel that it is important that all team members be on site at all times unless they are absent for business reasons. What should you do?

9. The process of establishing clear and achievable objectives, measuring their achievement, and adjusting performance in accordance with the results of the measurement is called

10. One of the important advantages of using control charts in managing a production operation is that the control chart tells you when to take corrective action on the process being controlled. Another important result of using control charts is:

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