Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following is usually not considered a goal of portfolio management?

2. The process of establishing clear and achievable objectives, measuring their achievement, and adjusting performance in accordance with the results of the measurement is called:

3. A new project has begun. The project charter has been written and the project manager has been assigned. The project manager is preparing the work breakdown structure for the project. The WBS is typically used for:

4. The document that is proof of upper managementís commitment to the project and gives the authority to manage the project to the project manager is called:

5. A project manager is creating a work breakdown structure for her project. In the breakdown structure the lowest level of the breakdown for the project manager is called the:

6. In estimating the total amount of material resources required for a project you must first estimate the amount of waste to be expected. You will most likely find this information in which process input?

7. Constructive Team Role includes :

8. A person who is involved in or may be affected by the activities or anyone who has something to gain or lose by the activity of the project is called a:

9. A manager that manages a group of related projects is called a:

10. Cost Plus Percentage of Cost (CPPC) contracts provide:

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