Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Which of the following best describes why one would use a resource histogram versus a responsibility assignment matrix?

2. You are the project manager for a software company that develops sports-based video games. You have been assigned to develop a new 3D interactive basket ball video game. You have just completed the development of the project scope management plan. Which of the following processes did you just complete?

3. Which of the following are the outputs of the activity resource estimating process?

4. The work authorization system makes sure

5. You are the project manager at information technology division of a large financial services firm in the United States. Your company offers a web based trading platform that provides options and futures trading for U.S commodities market. Due to the rise in popularity in futures and options trading, your company has grown rapidly. In fact, due to the rapid growth, the companyís infrastructure is unable to meet the growing demands.
To keep up with demands, you have bee assigned the responsibilities of upgrading the companyís network and computing infrastructure. You have already inspected the existing infrastructure defined the detailed project scope statement for your project. You are in the process of developing the WBS. All of he following are outputs of the following process except:

6. The activity duration estimates should be developed by:

7. You are the project manager for a construction company. Your firm has been contracted to complete the construction of a 10-story office building. This project will use three point estimates to calculate the estimates for activity duration. You have the following estimates for task A (creating the foundation). Assuming the triangular distribution what is the average duration estimate based on the following three point estimates?
Pessimistic= 100 days
Optimistic= 40 days
Most likely=65 days

8. The Delphi technique is a way to:

9. You are a project manager at an utility company. Due to the recent rise in the cost of petroleum, the market demand for cheaper, alternate forms of energy have grown exponentially. Your company has identified, a multi billion dollar market opportunity for alternate forms of energy.
However your organization does not have enough resources and expertise to exploit this market opportunity. Hence your organization has decided to form joint ventures and risk sharing relationship with various other utility companies to coordinate research and development activities. Which of he following best describes the best strategy you are using with this market opportunity?

10. You are a project manager at day-old donuts, a rapidly growing franchise selling premium donuts at a discount. Currently your company is planning for opening new stores throughout the United States. You have been asked to open a store in Manhattan, New York. Construction on new store is about to begin. This corporate head quarter wants to be informed when construction is nearly complete, so they can produce all the supplies and inventories just in time. You have been given a project charter, progressively elaborate the requirements, and have just completed the scope definition/create WBS processes. However while you are in activity definition process, you realize that certain deliverables are missing from create WBS process. What is your next plan of action?

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