Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Keeping up with the growth was becoming a problem for a privately owned Chinese financial services company. Although it easily lured business from state-owned competitors, low skill levels and weak accounting systems threaten the company’s cash flow. Moreover, poorly invested assets were delivering inadequate returns.
Hence, you have been assigned over an existing project to upgrade the IT system to allow for an expansion. Specifically, the IT upgrade will enable the company to serve more competitors, expand the product line, gain market share, and win more licenses.
You’ve determined the following information so far: Activity X has an early start of day3, early finish of day6, and a late finish of day10. Activity Y is being performed by resource that had been very difficult to obtain. The CPI of the project is 1.2 and the SPI is 1.3.
Midway through your project, your client has requested additional deliverables to your project. Fortunately, you have already determined that this functionality will only add one extra week to the critical path. To accommodate this request, you’ve determined that you could fasttrack the schedule to recover one extra week. Which of the following should you perform NEXT?

2. Which of the following tools/ technique of the quality planning process can be used to identify the project variables that will have the greatest impact on overall project outcomes and results?

3. You are a project manager for the manufacture of children’s toys. Your project team is in the process of designing a new children toy for New Year Christmas season.
With the rapidly approaching deadline, your team members are frequently arguing with each other, even if they agree on some real issues. Within, your team there is a strong resistance to quality approaches and resistance to new tasks. Which of the following stages of develop project team best describes your team?

4. Which of the following statements are true regarding the SPI (schedule performance index) measurement?

5. With respect to the earned value analysis, which of the following will tell you whether costs are higher or lower than budgeted?

6. Which of the following process involves making needed information available to project stakeholders in a timely manner?

7. Which of the following statements are false regarding RACI charts?

8. The project management executing processes include all of the following EXCEPT:

9. Which of the following statements are true regarding quality planning and perform quality assurance?

10. You are the project manager at a financial services company. Your company has awarded a CPFF (cost plus fixed fee) contract to XYZ Corp, a financial consulting company, to develop a comprehensive workstation offering real-time advanced charting, decision support tools, and portfolio management.
The terms and conditions of the contract explicitly stipulate that XY Corp must provide weekly status reports and performance reports regarding the project work. However, the seller has failed to provide any status report for the past 3 weeks. Which of the following is the BEST action to take?

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