Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. In which of the following project management process group can stakeholders be identified?

2. Which of the following are not the direct result of managing the team?

3. You are a contract project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer. You are responsible for developing a new e-commerce web-site for the retailer. You are in the process of selecting the vendor who will provide the hardware including computer servers and networking equipment. As the project manager, you are in the select sellers process and have three vendors on your qualified sellers list who have responded to your company’s RFP.
One of the vendors remaining on the qualified sellers list is NetComp. Although you have no financial interests in this company, one of your friends Dennis is an investor of this company. Is there a conflict of interest in this situation?

4. You are the project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer In order to allow for better real-tracking, in inventory control, and supply chain management, in inventory control, and supply chain management, your company in financing a project to install and to install and deploy RFID on all items of merchandise. As the project manager, you’ve just completed the select sellers’ process, and selected a vendor to perfume the RFID installation and deployment.
After the contract is singed with the vendor, the account manager from the vendor calls to thank you for selected them. As a thank-you gift, they’ll be sending you round-trip ticket to Hawaii for you and your family. How should you respond?

5. One of the following items is not used in assessing the completion of the project scope. Which one?

6. Projects are typically authorized as a result of one or more of the following needs:

7. Which of the following best determines the amount of authority a project manager will have during a project?

8. One of key activities for achieving customer satisfaction is to define the:

9. You are the project manager at a utility company. Due to the recent rise in the cost of petroleum, your organization is exploring cheaper, alternative forms of energy. You have just completed the project Scope Planning process and created the Scope management plan. However, upon review, you have determined that the resulting project scope management plan is ambiguous and poorly written. A poorly written project scope management plan will directly impact all of the following EXCEPT:

10. Which of the following statements are TRUE regarding comparative methods, scoring method, and cash flow analysis?

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