pmp sample test - 8

Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. The project charter, either directly, or by reference to other documents, should address all of the following EXCEPT:

2. You are a contract project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer. You are responsible for developing a new e-commerce web-site for the retailer. You are in the process of selecting the vendor who will provide the hardware including computer servers and networking equipment. As the project manager, you are in the select sellers process and have three vendors on your qualified sellers list who have responded to your company’s RFP.
One of the vendors remaining on the qualified sellers list is NetComp. Although you have no financial interests in this company, one of your friends Dennis is an investor of this company. Is there a conflict of interest in this situation?

3. One of the following items is not used in assessing the completion of the project scope. Which one?

4. Which of the following processes is involved with identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and devising a plan on how to meet / satisfy these standards?

5. You are a project manager for a company that sells online music. Your project is to develop new content management system that will not only manage all users purchases and downloads but will automatically learn the users music interest to make future product recommendation. In addition your content management system must scale to support millions of current music downloads a day. Your team has made a significant progress on the project. You are preparing the performance of the project to date and have calculated the following measurement:
PV=4000, EV=3500, AC=3000
Which of the following statement are true?

6. Projects are typically authorized as a result of one or more of the following needs:

7. Your company manufactures memory chips for workstation computers. Your current project involves manufacturing a very high capacity memory chip (128GB). You worked on the same project three years ago to manufacture a lower capacity memory chip (2GB). You’ve received a project charter from your supervisor. Which of the following statements are FALSE?

8. You are the project manager within an information technology department of a retailer. In order to allow for better real-tracking, in inventory control, and supply chain management, your company in financing a project a project to install and deploy RFID on all items of merchandise. As the project manager you’re in select sellers process, and have 4 different vendors on your qualified sellers list. One of the vendors on your list has invited you to lunch. What should you do?

9. Which of the following are not the direct result of managing the team?

10. You are the project manager fro the large children’s toy manufacturer. You have been asked to manufacture the latest craze in “Dancing Widgets” for upcoming Christmas season. You’ve been informed that the company needs at least one month lead time in order to have Widgets on retailer’s shelves for Christmas season. Hence, based on the current sales forecast you’ve been asked to deliver 100,000 units by November 1st at the least. Since the toys will be used by young children, the “Dancing Widgets” must be manufactured to meet very specific safety specifications.
Your company drives 90% of if its revenue from sales generated during the Christmas holiday season. As a result, you have been given a budget of $15 million dollars to complete this project. Which of the following is the primary constraint for this project?

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