Project Management Professional (PMP) - Online Sample Test for Certification exam Preparation

1. Michael works as a project manager at the construction company development a suspension bridge for the city of Chicago. He has asked the couple of his team-mates to return to the warehouse to pick up additional supplies. The ware is close to where Michael lives, so he has asked his team-mates to also stop by his home to help clean the debris from his driveway. Is Michaelís behavior the PMI code of ethics?

2. Procurements audits are a tool/ technique of which of the following processes?

3. You are a part of project software team responsible for developing a new CRM software application. The project has been ongoing for the past several months. A few members of the project team are currently discussing introducing a significant change to one of the major work packages. After discussions you received a message from the vice president of engineering informing you of the project changes, and are asked to complete the necessary paperwork in order to process the change. This is an example of:

4. You are the Chief Technology Officer of a major stock exchange. You have just completed the WBS, and WBS dictionary with respects to reengineer the organizationís back office accounting, billing, and administrative systems. Which of the following is the BEST NEXT plan of action?

5. According to the PMI, which of the following best describes the differences between programs and projects?

6. You are a contract project manager within an information technology department of a large retailer. You are responsible for developing a new e-commerce web-site for the retailer. You are in the process of selecting the vendor who will provide the hardware including computer servers and networking equipment. As the project manager, you are in the select sellers process and have three vendors on your qualified sellers list who have responded to your companyís RFP.
One of the vendors remaining on the qualified sellers list is NetComp. Although you have no financial interests in this company, one of your friends Dennis is an investor of this company. Is there a conflict of interest in this situation?

7. Which of the following are the part of WBS dictionary except:

8. You are in the process of directing the performance of planned project activities and managing the various technical and organizational interfaces that exist within your project. All of the following are outputs of this process EXCEPT:

9. The Preliminary Scope Statement which is and output of the Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement process, is an input to all of the following EXCEPT:

10. Which of the following processes is involved with identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and devising a plan on how to meet / satisfy these standards?

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