Quantitative Aptitude

1. If the angle of elevation of the top of a tower at a distance 100 metres, from its foot is 45, then the height, in metres, of the tower is equal to:

2. A person when standing at a certain distance from the foot of tower find the elevation of top of the tower to be 60. If he moves back 30 m and is raised upto the top level of tower, the angle of depression will be 30. The height of tower is:

3. A polygon with 'n' sides has its exterior angles in A.P. The common difference being 5 and the largest exterior angle is 60, find the value of n.

4. The sum of prime numbers between 0 and 110 is:

5. ABC is a circle with centre 0. P is an external point in the line AB. From P, a tangent PC has been drawn. If AB = 10 cm, BP 8 cm, then the tangent PC is equal to:

6. Which one of the following equations is correct?

7. ABCD is a rectangle and ABE is a triangle whose vertex E lies on CD. If AB = 5 cm and the area of the triangle is 10 sq. cm, then the perimeter of the rectangle is:

8. A, B and C invest their money in a company in the ratio of 4: 6: 3 respectively. They get the returns in the ratio of 5 : 8: 6 according to the investment and efforts applied by the ratio. Find the ratio of effort applied by them.

9. A man, while standing on a plateau at a height of 700m, throws a hooked rope of 150 m with the help of shot gun towards a peak. The hook gets stuck on the peak and the rope now makes an angle of 120 with the man standing. The height of the peak is:

10. A person 'W' is climbing on a mountain at the speed of 1.5 m/s. Another person 'B' is climbing on the same mountain from the opposite side at 1 m/s. Assuming the inclination to be 45 on the side of A and 60 on the side of B, find how fast are they approaching towards each other.

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