Quantitative Aptitude

1. A polygon with 'n' sides has its exterior angles in A.P. The common difference being 5 and the largest exterior angle is 60, find the value of n.

2. The sum of prime numbers between 0 and 110 is:

3. A triangle is inscribed in a circle as shown in figure below. Find the area of the shaded portion according to the data given in figure.

4. If in a triangle ABC, B = 2 C and the bisector of B meets CA in D, then the ratio BD: BC would be equal to:

5. A tank, of capacity 1000 litres, contains a solution with equal amounts of alcohol and water. Each time 100 litres of solution is extracted, it is replenished with an equal amount of water. After 4 times, the solution contains x% alcohol and rest water. The value of x is:

6. In a triangle ABC, BD and CE are perpendicularg on AC and AB respectively. If BD = CE, then the triangle ABC is:

7. Consider the following statements:

1. The bisectors of all the four, angles of a parallelogram enclose a rectangle.
2. The figure formed by joining the mid-points of the adjacent sides of a rectangle is a rhombus.
3. The figure formed by joining mid-points of the adjacent sides of a rhombus is a square.
Which of these statements are correct?

8. If the measurement of each of the interior angles of a polygon is 160, then the number of sides of the polygon would be equal to:

9. ABCD is a rectangle and ABE is a triangle whose vertex E lies on CD. If AB = 5 cm and the area of the triangle is 10 sq. cm, then the perimeter of the rectangle is:

10. In a certain city, 40% of people read newspaper A, 50% of people read newspaper B, 10% read both while the rest do not read at all. A certain company X gives an advertisement in newspaper A and another company'Y'gives an advertisement in newspaper B. What is the probability that people see exactly one advertisement.

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