Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. Insurance companies are perfectly ...... of the greed some people show in ...... illnesses in order to get big settlements in the courts.

2. Bandung ...... the ...... of a new and powerful body of opinion which could not be ignored by the great writers.

3. We can ...... to travel by air, but we ...... train journey.

4. A hobby is an activity of interest ...... for pleasure. It helps to break the monotony and tedium of our ...... routine.

5. She found ...... with me, that I was wanting in ......

6. He warned the workers against supporting these anti-social policies, which he declared would ...... rather than ...... the plight of the common people.

7. Let us ...... with due ...... that ancient India was more civilised than modem India with its satellites in space.

8. The speech ...... with subtle threats has resulted in ...... tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

9. What ...... one is the total absence of a coherent programme either on the part of the ruling or the opposition party to give a ...... to the poverty-stricken people that something will be really done to improve their condition.

10. The hot tropical climate created a climate of ...... and encouraged ......

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  • Simple Science

    Why Water does not always flow from a Faucet

    The Water Problem of a Large City:
    Most of us have at times been annoyed by the inability to secure water on an upper story, because of the drawing off of a supply on a lower floor. During the working hours of the day, immense quantities of water are drawn off from innumerable faucets, and hence the quantity in the pipes decreases considerably unless the supply station is able to drive water through the vast network of pipes as fast as it is drawn off. Buildings at a distance from the reservoir suffer under such circumstances, because while the diminished pressure is ordinarily powerful enough to supply the lower floors, it is frequently too weak to force a continuous stream to high levels. At night, however, and out of working hours, few faucets are open, less water is drawn off at any one time, and the intricate pipes are constantly full of water under high pressure. At such times, a good flow is obtainable even on the uppermost floors.

    In order to overcome the disadvantage of a decrease in flow during the day, standpipes are sometimes placed in various sections. These are practically small steel reservoirs full of water and connecting with the city pipes. During "rush" hours, water passes from these into the communicating pipes and increases the available supply, while during the night, when the faucets are turned off, water accumulates in the standpipe against the next emergency (Figs. 151 and 154). The service rendered by the standpipe is similar to that of the air cushion.

    FIG. - A standpipe.

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