Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. We cannot ...... such a/an ...... act of violence.

2. Though this is undoubtedly the greatest dictionary ever ...... , it is designed for scholars and research workers rather than for the ...... dictionary user.

3. Let us ...... with due ...... that ancient India was more civilised than modem India with its satellites in space.

4. The hot tropical climate created a climate of ...... and encouraged ......

5. The planting of trees on the ...... of town and villages helps the ...... of a country.

6. He is bound to succeed because his ...... nature will not permit him to ......

7. The people of China who have ...... their right to be free and frank, only to have it brutally ...... , may also have the courage to manifest it in other ways.

8. Foreign multinationals may be ...... in implementing the infrastructural plan on c6ndition of introducing labour intensive techniques which generate a minimum ...... level of rural employment.

9. It is now a proven fact that ...... of child mortality is the best ...... for family planning in developing countries.

10. India's ...... armoury needs replacement despite its long-term indigenisation plans and leading international arms industries are eager to sell their latest ...... to the Indian Armed Forces.

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