Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. We can ...... to travel by air, but we ...... train journey.

2. It is now a proven fact that ...... of child mortality is the best ...... for family planning in developing countries.

3. Insurance companies are perfectly ...... of the greed some people show in ...... illnesses in order to get big settlements in the courts.

4. A hobby is an activity of interest ...... for pleasure. It helps to break the monotony and tedium of our ...... routine.

5. We ...... him with many promises, but nothing would ...... him.

6. Foreign multinationals may be ...... in implementing the infrastructural plan on c6ndition of introducing labour intensive techniques which generate a minimum ...... level of rural employment.

7. The speech ...... with subtle threats has resulted in ...... tension in the sensitive areas of the city.

8. He gave me an additional ...... of Rs. 200 a month by ...... of the Commissioner.

9. The planting of trees on the ...... of town and villages helps the ...... of a country.

10. She found ...... with me, that I was wanting in ......

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    Weather sources we use

    We use a vast array of sources to arrive at our go, no go decision. Most of our information comes from FAA mandated briefing sites that require a pilots license to access and a log in. You should know that we are required, by Federal Air Regulations, to obtain a complete weather briefing prior to every flight.

    Many passengers obtain their own weather information from one of the many sites available on the internet we encourage you to take an active role in your flight but remember, we are looking at very different aviation weather information. Many of the reports available to the general public do not contain the information required for a pilot the FAA only recognizes a weather briefing provided by a Flight Service Station, or one of two Direct User Access Terminals (DUAT). We will be happy to discuss our decision with you but, the pilot in command is the final authority on a flight.

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