Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. When it comes to back stabbing, a quill ...... be ...... than a dagger.

2. Fiction approximates to science, first in accepting the obligation of being ...... to life as it is, and secondly, in asserting the right to ......

3. Restlessness among the students of colleges and universities, has ...... from their deep rooted feeling that their views and aspirations are ...... by their elders.

4. There is no ...... the fact that a man of knowledge ...... great power.

5. In his ...... , he followed the ...... course.

6. I have just the memory of my father to ...... now, but my faith in him has never been ...... .

7. Any system is likely to ...... for ...... of support from the public.

8. In ...... of International matters, there is always an element of risk in ...... one might do.

9. Shalini was not ...... by the criticism and paid no ...... even when her best friend talked against her.

10. He was initially ...... at the suggestion but was soon ...... it himself.

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