Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. In his ...... , he followed the ...... course.

2. Nothing is so ...... to a nation as an extreme of self partiality, and the total want of ...... of what others will naturally hope or fear.

3. There is no ...... the fact that a man of knowledge ...... great power.

4. Due to ...... rainfall this year, they had to ...... cut in water supply.

5. Any system is likely to ...... for ...... of support from the public.

6. The educational systems of Japan and South Korea have long, tough work ...... for students and it is no ...... that both these countries are doing well.

7. Gandhiji was not enamoured ...... the economic progress made by the modem West and did not ...... the Western nations to be more civilised.

8. I have just the memory of my father to ...... now, but my faith in him has never been ...... .

9. The new Principal ...... stress on routine administration ...... than on academic matters and examination reforms.

10. Some people have the ...... for learning foreign languages but they have no ...... in speaking any.

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