Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. There is no ...... the fact that a man of knowledge ...... great power.

2. There is no glory in war ...... the blood it ......

3. Class ...... between capital and labour is ...... for building a prosperous country.

4. Fiction approximates to science, first in accepting the obligation of being ...... to life as it is, and secondly, in asserting the right to ......

5. India's immense physical size, as also the fact of its ...... society ...... any attempt towards a neat capsuled presentation on any subject.

6. Fear is one of those ...... which frequently ...... us to inaction.

7. Although the leader's life was both ...... and painful, it was not without ...... for he had accomplished many of his goals.

8. The impact of Western culture on India was the impact of a ...... society, of a modern consciousness on a ...... society wedded to medieval habits of thought.

9. Due to ...... rainfall this year, there will be ...... cut in water supply.

10. Kautilya was a great political thinker and his strong ...... personality is ...... throughout the thoughts and expressions in the Arthashastra.

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