Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. Sachin ...... another feather ...... his cap by his wonderful performance in the one day match.

2. The increasing revival of dramatic classics is, to We critic, ...... ; it seems to him a sign of the ...... of the modem theatre.

3. Our socialism is ...... because we maintain a huge public sector without any public sector ......

4. The man who is impatient to become rich can easily be ...... to the race track or the gaming table, where a lucky ...... might make him rich.

5. Because the inspector gave the plant a ...... examination, he ...... many defects.

6. ...... of crops was due to continuous ......

7. He preaches liberal views but in practice, he is not ...... and is ...... narrow minded than almost any other person.

8. It is ...... for every tax-payer to ...... the tax returns to the Income Tax Department.

9. His presentation was so lengthy and ...... that it was difficult for us to find out the real ...... in it.

10. It is not ...... to come across a man who can take ups and downs without losing ...... .

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