Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. It is ...... that those who expect ...... from others are seldom merciful themselves.

2. Children are more ...... than adults, it is ...... their quickness in learning a new language.

3. Every nation has a certain ...... of hostility that seeks a socially acceptable ......

4. The candidates' ...... at the polls was ...... as he won with a striking margin.

5. The activities of the association have ...... from the ...... objectives set for it in the initial years.

6. An ...... facet of the Soviet perestroika is the search for a sweeping ...... programme in foreign policy.

7. The construction of the hall has been ...... because of the ...... of cement in the market.

8. In architecture, much more than in any of the other arts, there is a marked time lag between the ...... of ideas and their ...... in the shape of completed buildings.

9. Shailendra ...... to a ...... love for drugs.

10. Since we ...... read every book, we ...... only the famous ones.

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