Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. Shailendra ...... to a ...... love for drugs.

2. The Education Minister emphasised the need to discover and ...... each student's ...... talents.

3. Fate is an ...... , and in order that it may play an active, part in human drama, it must be ...... in some particular incarnation.

4. Our youth and others have ...... to drugs not only because their friends ...... social pressures but also because escape with drugs is so complete and swift.

5. Education is ...... to the economic and social fabric of the nation, but ...... that few political parties have made it an election issue.

6. He was so convinced that people were driven by ...... motives that be believed there was no such thing as a purely ...... act.

7. Oddly enough ...... the prestige of USA in countries like Britain, France and Italy is considered important here, Congress has been ...... about supplying funds to the US Information Agency in these countries.

8. Since we ...... read every book, we ...... only the famous ones.

9. Democracy, as away of life and not as a mere political arrangement, requires of its ...... a regard not only for their own rights but equally for the ...... rights of others.

10. An ...... facet of the Soviet perestroika is the search for a sweeping ...... programme in foreign policy.

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