sentence completion - test-06

Pick out the most effective pair of words from the given pair of words to make the sentences meaning fully complete.

1. The activities of the association have ...... from the ...... objectives set for it in the initial years.

2. Education is ...... to the economic and social fabric of the nation, but ...... that few political parties have made it an election issue.

3. Children are more ...... than adults, it is ...... their quickness in learning a new language.

4. Mr. Johnson ...... a boat and ...... into the bay.

5. The ...... imposed for non-payment was too ...... for it to bring in improvement in collection.

6. With the realisation, we have found ourselves left with ...... moral values and little ethical ...... .

7. Knowing that Renu had a good vocabulary, the teacher ...... her to ...... an essay for the inter school competition.

8. It is the primary duty of any party elected to rule to ...... stability and defence of the country and protect it both from internal and external ......

9. An ...... facet of the Soviet perestroika is the search for a sweeping ...... programme in foreign policy.

10. Fate is an ...... , and in order that it may play an active, part in human drama, it must be ...... in some particular incarnation.

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  • English Phrases
    Basic English Usage
  • After I hope, we often use a present tense with a future meaning.
      I hope she likes (= will like)the flowers.
      I hope the bus comes soon.
  • In negative sentences, we usually put not with the verb that comes after hope.
      I hope she doesn't wake up.
  • We can use I was hoping to introduce a polite request.
      I was hoping you could lend me some money . . .
    I had hoped is used to talk about hopes that were not realized hopes for things that did not happen.
      I had hoped that Jennifer would become a doctor, but she wasn't good enough at science.
    > For I hope so/not,
    For the difference between hope, want, expect, wish, look forward to and wait,
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